Wasps & Bees

Dealing with Wasp & Bee problems

Wasps are considered a pest and can be safley destroyed on site. Bees are a different challenge !

Wasps, those picnic spoilers, what can we say.

Wasps from one hibernating queen to 10s of thousands in just a few short months.  These guys are industrious to say the least.  Wasps don’t swarm, they have a dedicated entrance to their nest which can be anything from an old pipe hole in your guttering, air bricks, holes in the ground to your garden shed.

The trouble is, unlike our beautiful bee, these things I am sure like to sting.  I imagine them smiling when they do it too.

For many months over the summer the workers help increase the nest size and care for the new queens to be. (oh yes that’s all they do – help to create more wasps for the autumn time) In the Autumn when the new queens are ready to go these workers reward themselves by frequenting your picnics or the local pub garden!

We can treat your wasp nest efficiently and with a guarantee that its dead! 

Did you know  - Wasps have a needle like sting which allows them to sting as many times as they want to. 

Also – wasps don’t reuse an old nest, but what makes your house attractive to a wasp (wood to eat and a nice warm wall to nest in) will always make it attractive to a wasp.  Sorry.


We have replationships with local bee keepers and whenever possible are able to re-locate swarms and wild hives without harm to the bees.

At Ladybugz we understand how important Bees are to our ecology and farming and are committed to protecting them.

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Left the common wasp, right the honeybee.

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