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Why choose Ladybugz?

With substantial experience   gained over the last twelve years working with both domestic and commercial businesses we know that reputation is everything.

We choose the most effective humain solutions available and work with you to rid you of the stress of having a pest problem. Working confidentially we quickly solve problems in a cost effective and ethical way.

We are happy to provide free quotations and provide clear and easy to understand pricing with no hidden charges - we want to rid you of nasty surprises, not add to them !


  •   Full range of services  Confidential
  •   All UK Pests covered  Fully Insurred
  •   More than 16 years experience  Great Prices

Our Clients

Residential Care homes Corner shops Trading estates Schools Cafes and restaurants Breweries Food manufacturers Waste plants Petting zoos


Ladybugz is an independently owned private company

Community coverage

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Above - Murphy, one of the team