Dealing with Mole problems

Those insidious, unseen destroyers of your precious piece of England.  Well done you, moles love a well attended lawn that’s rich in insect pests and worms.  However, moles are no doubt leaving you with unsightly hills.  This is the soil that our mole has moved as he digs his tunnel.  Farmers and Paddock owners hate them for another reason- livestock injury. 

Over the years, I have heard all of the ways to get rid of moles but the only effective method I have found is to trap them.  Of course there is not a guaranteed 100% way of dealing with your mole issue but I am happy to say we are up in the around 94% success rate.

So, we attend your property – assess the area and lay traps in the best position to succeed. Return at a later date to suit you and leave with the offending mole.

Mole Trapping Lessons  

 We are happy to say that we also provide mole trapping lessons for those with the bigger garden, golf course grounds keepers and even gardening companies   This is a one off price that includes the traps too!  Spending now on traps that will last a lifetime will save you money long term.  And I don’t put a restriction on numbers that attend (ok within reason!)

Call us today on 07939 607 302 or use our contact form for more information and a quotation

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