Store product insects

Dealing with Store Product insect problems

Stored product insects contaminate and damage foodstuff and raw materials and can also contaminate finished products – making them unfit for use.

Now a lot of these chaps sit in your house and you never know they are there.  Until one day out they pop.

Store Product insects can live and breed in whole grains or any processed foods. They come in the guise of a weevil, beetles or moths its a massive area. Signs can be webbing on the side of a cereal packet or little larvae in the back of your cupboard. 

If you have a concentration of unusual insects where you least expect it don’t panic.  Leave everything as it is and call Ladybugz.  We love a good SPI hunt.  Finding the source is half the fun.

If you think you have an SPI (Stored Product Insects) problem call us to disciuss and arrange a visit.

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