Who uses Ladybugz?


We here at Ladybugz offer annual contracted services to Restaurants and Cafes, Pubs, warehouses, residential properties and care homes.

Those premises handling food will be all to aware of how one bad review can alter the publics perception of you.  Imagine what could happen if you were shut down?  Did you know pest control also contributes to those all to important scores on the door?

With regular pest control inspections we can stop a problem before it starts, by monitoring your premises for rodent problems and cockroaches. We offer hygiene advice and proofing advice. We can help you with sourcing the best fly killer units too.

Good pest control will help keep your reputation intact and will keep Environmental Health Departments  happy.

Don’t delay, call for a survey today.  We can discuss your needs

Our experience over the last sixteen years has been with:

  • Residential properties  
  • Care homes
  • Corner shops
  • Trading estates
  • Schools
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Breweries
  • Food manufacturers
  • Waste plants
  • Petting zoos

Call us today to discuss your pest problems in complete confidentiality.