Maggot problems

Dealing with and preventing maggots problems


Maggots, those creepy looking things that set you on edge!  People would say its a bad hygiene issue and sometimes it can be.  However, during those hot summer days and the bin has not been emptied for a while, it would not be unusual to see maggots crawling out of your bin.  These are the larvae of flies such as house flies and blow flies.  They have been happily eating whatever is in your bin, having been laid as eggs by those flies  (and lets face it, even with the weekly food waste collection in the local area, some oddments get in that outside bin!  And lets face it, do we wash every rubbish container?)


Anyway, now is not the time to panic.  There is a solution to this....  We can attend your house, empty your offending bin, rewrap the bin contents, give your bin a bit of a spruce up and finally treat with an appropriate  residual insecticide (this knocks out any passing flies that still want to get to your rubbish)

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