Dealing with a mouse problem

There are two different kinds of mice that we at Ladybugz deal with Field Mice and House Mice

Both are unwelcome especially if they are keeping you awake at night with thunderous running around your attic, eating that stash of chocolate biscuits you have hidden or even worse, the fish bait in the garage!

Do not panic, we can help. We offer a solution and can provide both proofing and proofing advice.

They breed quickly (so don’t wait)

The carry diseases (Listeria, Salmonella) through their droppings and urine.

They can cause damage as their teeth continually grow so they have to gnaw (think of the pet hamster!)

If you are a business especially a food business a cute little field mouse can do as much damage to your reputation as a rat.

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Other pests we can deal with:

  • Rats

    Creating damage and disease
  • Mice

    The tiny Salmonella & Listeria spreader
  • Bed bugs

    More common than you would expect
  • Cockroaches

    Triggering asthma and speading disease
  • Wasps & Bees

    Property damage and health threat
  • Carpet beetles (Moths)

    Significant damage to textiles
  • Fleas

    Causing itching that can lead to infection
  • Ants

    The tiny disease spreader
  • Cluster Flies

    The food preparation contaminator
  • Harlequin Ladybirds

    The foreign invader spreading disease
  • Pidgeon's

    The disease and droppings machine