Dealing with rat problems


Rats, well in some instances the first thought is horror!  The Black Death, James Herbert’s brilliant novels and Disease!!!

Well yes rats are vermin and they do carry diseases (Salmonella and Leptospirosis to name a few)  The Black Death was a long time ago and I have yet to see a giant man eating rat. 

Rats are one of my favourite pests to deal with.  Rats are there in your house or garden for a reason.  We at Ladybugz use these simple rules of assessment:- What do you have? Why do you have it? What can be done about it?   The most important is WHY.  When we have that answer then you we are well on the way to solving your problem.

If you are a business, aside from the health risks, the damage to reputation alone should make you think.


-They reproduce every 6 weeks and can have up to 8 offspring (don’t put it off)

-Rats generally only live for a year (unless Ladybugz get involved, the average lifespan gets a lot less)

-Property owners have a legal obligation to keep a premises rat free (Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949)

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