Dealing with a Bedbug problem

Im often asked what is the worst pest that I deal with.  I think clients think that I will go with rats.  But no, it has to be the bed bug.  Those little vampires and feed on your blood at night.  An early bed bug problem can go unnoticed for a while. However, these little suckers breed quickly, before long you could have 1000s hiding out in your bedroom.

How did you get them?  Well bed bugs are really good travellers, you could pick them up on a plane, bus, hotels, taxis, someone on a sleep over.  And what do you do with your luggage when you come back from your well deserved holiday?  Most likely you put your suitcase on the bed to unpack.  Yes, it can be as simple as that!  Its not the sign of a dirty house, its a sign of bad luck!

So what do we do?

Firstly we will look for signs of a bed bug problem.  We examine the bedroom, beds and surrounding areas.  When we find your problem, we can then discuss a way forward and treatment plan.  Preparing for a bed bug treatment is methodical and can be disruptive.  However, your preparation is key to successfully treating bed bugs 

In the many years I have been doing pest control I have to say a good portion of the treatments I have carried out are after many tries at shop brought alternatives.   I say save your money.

We do offer a heat treatment method which will kill within a few seconds and this and its benefits  will be discussed on the day.

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