Animal & Bird Pests

At Ladybugz we have solutions for Bird, Rodent and insectivores (moles) pest problems

From ridding you of a rat and pidgeon problems to dealing with mice and moles you can trust us to solve your problems quickly and without drama.

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We are based in Surrey and prodominantly cover the following areas shown in pink but may be able to assist in surrounding counties (please call to discuss):

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More pests we deal with:

  • Rats

    Creating damage and disease
  • Mice

    The tiny Salmonella & Listeria spreader
  • Bed bugs

    More common than you would expect
  • Cockroaches

    Triggering asthma and speading disease
  • Wasps & Bees

    Property damage and health threat
  • Carpet beetles (Moths)

    Significant damage to textiles
  • Fleas

    Causing itching that can lead to infection
  • Ants

    The tiny disease spreader
  • Cluster Flies

    The food preparation contaminator
  • Harlequin Ladybirds

    The foreign invader spreading disease
  • Pidgeon's

    The disease and droppings machine